#STEAMRising Today – 8.30.2020

As a passionate advocate for girls and women in STEM education and careers and an activist for adding the “A” (Arts) for STEAM, I am pleased to provide you with and update on what’s been going on in the world of STEM/STEAM.

I have always believed that a STEM education teaches logical thinking and can therefore be valuable for students outside topics that are generally considered STEM (hence the “A”).  Here is a great article about engaging preschoolers in STEM education and activities.

Some of the “Best Places to Work” in Philadelphia are doing great things to get young people interested in STEM.

Read about William McHenry, the director of Jackson State University’s Mississippi e-Center, who has secured more than $60 million in grants to promote STEM careers.

Deloitte is behind “The Ella Project” an online toolkit of “Ella the Engineer comics and resources to interest young women in STEM careers.  There will soon be an online classroom as well.

Premier Genie, started in 2014, is an on-line math and coding learning platform whose graduates have gone on to attend top-tier universities such as Stanford, NYU, UC Berkeley, Purdue, Johns Hopkins, McGill and University of Toronto.

The author of this opinion piece believes that in order to attract more young women to engineering in the UK, the career must be made more prestigious.

Travis Kelce, of the World Champion Kansas City Chiefs, is using the windfall from his new contract to build Ignition Lab”, a coworking space catering to underserved teens in Kansas City with an emphasis on exploring careers in STEM.  Read more here.

Adji Bousso Bieng is an artificial intelligence (AI) expert from Senegal and Princeton’s College of Engineering’s first black female faculty member.  Her story is inspiring!

The Malta Chamber of Scientists is kicking off a year-long program called Women in STEM – Bridging the Gap”.

I enjoyed this interview with Claire Carter, “Women in Lenovo Leadership” Ambassador.

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