#STEAMRising Today – 9.10.2020


As a passionate advocate for girls and women in STEM education and careers and an activist for adding the “A” (Arts) for STEAM, I am pleased to provide you with and update on what’s been going on in the world of STEM/STEAM.

Rutgers University has created a STEM MBA.

I love it when my two passions – aviation and STEM – come together!  The General Aviation Manufacturer’s Association (GAMA) just opened up registration for the 2021 Aviation Design Challenge.  They are accepting registration through December 17.

Here is some great information about what to look for in STEM/STEAM activities for kids.

This article talks about getting students who don’t want to study science into STEM fields.  My answer – make it STEAM, focus on kids’ interests and the problems that need to be solved, and BE MORE INCLUSIVE!  You don’t have to be a scientist to have a STEAM career!

The first book in National Geographic’s Izzy Newton and the S.M.A.R.T. Squad series is available now.  Great for middle-grade girls interested in STEM/STEAM.

Checkout this article on “Emily’s Wonder Lab” and then watch the show focused on getting girls interested in STEM/STEAM careers.  Available on Netflix.

If you’re in the Mesa, Arizona area, please give some business to Empower Coffee Roasters where 5% of their sales to Live & Learn AZ, a non-profit that is providing education to girls in STEM.

New images from NASA’s Chandra X-Ray Observatory have been released.  STUNNING!

Did you know…That being a skateboard designer is a STEM/STEAM career?  Read about Kayla Nguyen who used working in a skateboard shop into a career as an inventor!

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