#STEAMRising Today – 9.15.2020

As a passionate advocate for girls and women in STEM education and careers and an activist for adding the “A” (Arts) for STEAM, I am pleased to provide you with and update on what’s been going on in the world of STEM/STEAM.

The National Air and Space Museum has a terrific website for Air and Space education!  I have been lost for hours in their amazing content.

Read about 15-year old Neha Shukla, inventor of “SixFeetApart”, a sensor device that beeps or vibrates when the wearer violates social distancing recommendations.

The Girls Scouts of Western Oklahoma have just opened Camp Trivera – an urban STEM-focused camp in Oklahoma City.  The opportunities offered are tremendous!

Johnson & Johnson is now applications for it’s STEM2D Scholars Award – (Science, Technology, Engineering, Manufacturing and Design).

Read about how Melinda Gates, Karly Kloss and Tina Tchen are using their voices to promote girls and women in STEAM.

Amazon has programs promoting STEM education and careers ranging from elementary school through college with contests, internships, scholarships and many learning opportunities.

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