#STEAMRising Today – 9.3.2020

As a passionate advocate for girls and women in STEM education and careers and an activist for adding the “A” (Arts) for STEAM, I am pleased to provide you with and update on what’s been going on in the world of STEM/STEAM.

This is a great interview with Nicole Collins-Puri, a STEM entrepreneur and CED of Techbridge Girls.

Girls Code the World is a great non-profit startup, if you are looking to contribute to STEM/STEAM education.

Nina Chhita is an artist who uses her Instagram account to highlight interesting women in STEM.

Here are some great online STEM resources for K-12 grade students.

mindSpark Learning has announced that STEMpath, their graduate-level STEM certification program for K-12 educators, will go national with a virtual program.   

Looking for a tutor for your aspiring STEM student?  Girls Who Math offers free tutoring in order to bridge the gender gap in STEM education and careers.

The Ad Council is hosting a Virtual Minecraft concert for girls in STEM, encouraging them to build their own virtual concert world.

Here is a great opinion piece on the importance of STEM AND Liberal Arts educations.  This is precisely why I am such an activist for STEAM!

The cancellation of Summer STEM camps and the movement of some to virtual platforms have mixed results in student engagement.

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