#STEAMRising Today – 8.27.2020

As a passionate advocate for girls and women in STEM education and careers and an activist for adding the “A” (Arts) for STEAM, I am pleased to provide you with today’s news in the world of STEM/STEAM.

Ever wondered what it takes to become an astronaut?  Take a look at this!

Running out of science-y things to do with your kids at home?  Backyard Science Adventures might be what you are looking for.

Did you know that since the Girl Scouts added STEM/STEAM badges to their program over 1 million have been earned?  Young ladies have earned over 10,000 Cyber Security badges alone!

Olay is using their advertising to tackle STEM/STEAM gender equality with their “Pitch for a Purpose” campaign.

I am always interested in reading interviews of women leaders in STEM/STEAM.  These interviews with Calista Redmond and Patricia Obo-Nai are worth the read.

A few weeks ago during one of the morning talk shows, the hosts were discussing parents who “know” what their children’s careers are going to be when they are very young.  They laughed when several of the parents said that their children would have STEM/STEAM careers, seemingly not knowing what a STEM/STEAM career was.  In fact, they didn’t even know what the letters in STEM stand for.  So, in an effort to educate and include more girls and women in STEM/STEAM careers, every day I will highlight a STEM/STEAM career. You might be surprised at what makes the list.


…that being a pastry chef is a STEM/STEAM career?  Meet Dinara Kasko.

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